Did you know absolutely everyone can look good in photographs?


Like it or not, in today’s image obsessed world, it is important you know how to look good in photographs. 

Working in the fashion and events industry, it is one the questions I get asked a lot by both clients and guests. There is a misconception that only the beautiful or photogenic can look good in photographs, but this is not true. Absolutely EVERYONE can look their personal best in photographs - it just takes a few industry tricks, increased self awareness and posture, inner confidence,  and old fashioned time and practice! The good news is once you have perfected your own ‘look’ (angle, body position, facial expression) - you will look good in every image - which is as important both in your professional life as it is for your personal profile.

Some time ago, I did work with Nikon Coolpix UK, and gave tips on perfecting the perfect pose for photographs. It was a fun as well as very practical project - and received so much positive feedback (and requests for advice) - from people of all ages and professions.

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