The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea

Sometimes you see a movie that has an 'after life'. It resonates with you, and quietly lives on and re-plays in the back of your consciousness whilst you go about the daily busyness of everyday life. "The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" was for me, this movie. Produced by Kerryman and poet, Patrick Brendan O Neill, it's not the movie I would normally go to see. There is no pretty clothes, car chases, or even a plot - but there is a message. 

Filmed amongst the land and seascapes of Kerry, Ireland, with some truly spectacular drone footage by George Doyle, "The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" is a mediative contemplation of the eternal and precious relationship between man and nature. Trance like, the narrator invites you to look at your inner self (perhaps your soul) and find peace and happiness without chasing material or commercial success. Mesmerising and visually captivating, it also introduces you to Father Padraig (an 89 year old Catholic priest) and he tells his own story of personal loss and survival. 

Although heavily influenced by Catholic / Christian symbolism, this is not intrusive and the movie can be equally enjoyed by those of all, or no faith. Personally I don't subscribe to any religion.  Like many, I believe that GOD is nature and she smiles and embraces us from every frame in "The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" . She also gives us a warning that we need to respect our planet for both ourselves and future generations. Now. 


As many of you may know, the last (and next) STAR WARS was filmed in Kerry (with the main action in West and South West Kerry - notably the Skelligs). West Kerry was also the setting for Ryan's Daughter, Far and Away (best forgotten), and the BBC recently filmed an episode of TOP GEAR in multiple locations on the Ring of Kerry and outside Dingle. All these productions have showcased the incredible natural beauty of the Kerry landscape and have received worthy international media attention and the resulting tourism influx. Similarly, and much more comprehensively, "The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" celebrates the beauty of Kerry, however, unfairly, it has not received the same Irish or international media attention. When introducing the movie at the Irish premier in Tralee, to an audience that included the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina, its producer / director, Patrick O'Neill discussed the concept of spiritual tourism. So like Mecca or Rome, - Kerry would be a spiritual destination for everyone seeking answers to life's many questions. 

Brendan Patrick O Neill at the premier in Kerry attended by President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina. 

Brendan Patrick O Neill at the premier in Kerry attended by President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina. 


Lastly, as "The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" is completely independently produced (with no state or commercial funding), it simply doesn't have the budget to fund advertising campaigns, and is reliant on social media and word of mouth.

SO, go see it. You won't regret it. One hour of nature, beauty and stillness - in a world of noise. You owe it to yourself.