HydraFacial MD - does it live up to the HYPE ?

I had read a lot about the HydraFacial MD   . . . 

Loved by celebrities (including some well known Irish names) it claims to deliver instant and long-lasting results that you can see (and feel) including improved hydration, minimise dark spots and dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! But very honestly I assumed this hype was just ’paid for’ endorsements by social influencers - who then simply copied and pasted the blurb (as printed above) from the website. So I was excited to finally experience the HydraFacial MD myself in The Sanctuary Spa & The Glam Pod, Tralee, Co.Kerry. 

So does it deliver ? 

The following is my honest review.

I am in my, very late, forties. I work and play hard - but I eat well, exercise, wear sunscreen and have always looked after the skin. But recently, due to a combination of life stress and exhaustion, my skin looked dull, tired and grey. I continued to layer on those expensive creams and serums, but it made little or no noticeable difference. 

So at 4pm one wet October afternoon, I landed in the Sanctuary Beauty Clinic (located above The Glam Pod in Tralee) and met my therapist Karen Glover - who is specially trained in HydraFacial MD (and the Sanctuary / Glam Pod are the only clinic to offer this treatment outside of Dublin). 

When you arrive you fill out medical forms and then you have proceed to the treatment. If you are looking for a nice rub and a facial that allows you to fall gently to sleep, this is NOT for you. It doesn’t hurt - but it is not a pampering facial. It takes all in about an hour and at times it feels like your skin is being hoovered ! First your skin is cleansed, then lymphatic drainage, then a deep cleaning exfoliation, peel, vacuous extraction and lastly hydration. Each treatment is tailored specifically to client requirements. Really importantly Karen recommends you wear Factor 50 suncream (I actually purchased the SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defence SPF 50 from there - and it is a beautiful texture, as well as a great base for make up. I also go samples of the HA Intensifier and Phloretin CF serum and both have also overnight results in terms of skin firmness and texture).

 Karen Glover, The Sanctuary Spa / Beauty Group, Tralee. 

Karen Glover, The Sanctuary Spa / Beauty Group, Tralee. 



Immediately after HydraFacial MD, my skin felt really smooth and soft, but I personally visually didn’t see any great difference. It was a little red in patches but this disappeared in about an hour. However, day by day, over the following week, I began to notice a dramatic difference in the overall texture and brightness of my complexion - and it must have been very obvious - because randomly people began commenting positively on my skin, or how relaxed I looked!. As I write this, it is now over 2 weeks since I had the HydraFacial MD and my skin continues to improve. It is definitely more radiant and firmer and my skincare serums absorb better and my make up sits on my skin much better and lasts longer.   


So, yes I would recommend this treatment. If you have a special event coming up, I would suggest doing it a week in advance. I had the HydraFacial MD, which costs €150. There is also a HydraFacial MD VIP which costs €190, and includes an extra treatment for either pigmentation or to reduce lines and wrinkles. They recommend you do a course of 6 to see best results. 


For more information or to book an appointment call 066 7185776 or visit http://sanctuaryspa.ie/ or The Glam Pod Tralee, call (066) 711 9004